Hospital UNIBE

Hospital UNIBE

Hospital Clínica UNIBE has comfortable and modern facilities so that you feel in the best conditions

3 Surgical Rooms, which have state of the art equipment for Orthopedic, Plastic, General, Laparoscopic, Gynecological, Maxillofacial, Orl, Peripheral Vascular Surgery, and urological procedures, among others.

8 rooms available, which guarantees personalized attention for our patients, in a one-to-one relationship to satisfy all their medical needs.

17 offices where doctors can attend various medical specialties.

Day hospital service for a 12-hour day stay.

Nursing and observation.


Tibás, San José, Costa Rica



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Andrés Zamora Leiva


Baudilio Mora Mora


Hander Castro Corrales

Primary Care Doctor

Mary Ann Porta Araya

Pediatric Surgery

Orlando Daly Mullins

Orthopedics and Traumatology, Orthopaedic Sports Medicine

William Vargas Alpízar

General Surgery, Coloproctology