Mario González Salas

Mario González Salas

Patient Demographics: Adult, Elderly

"I believe that the patient's health always comes first. Furthermore in being transparent and ethical when treating peoples’ illnesses."

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Procedures (14)

Epididymal cysts resection surgery
Kidney surgery
Prostate biopsy
Prostate cancer surgery
Reverse vasectomy
Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)
Ureteral catheter removal
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Medical conditions (12)

Bladder problems
Burning during urinating
Delayed ejaculation
Genital warts
Kidney stone
Premature ejaculation
Sexual development disorder
Testicular torsion
Ureteral obstruction
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General Info

About me

I studied medicine to be able to serve people. I decided to specialize in Urology because it is a branch that combines clinical procedures, diagnostics, cancer management, and benign pathologies. Urology is specialty in which there is a high patient need and for this I am able to help a multitude of people with my expertise. What I enjoy the most about my work is interacting with people and having the ability to help my patient recover their health; I truly find it gratifying.


English, Español


  • Specialty in Urology. Universidad de Costa Rica - Facultad de Medicina. February 2008
  • Doctor and Surgery. Escuela Aútonoma de Ciencias Médicas (Actual UCIMED). December 2007
  • Laparoscopy Subspecialty at Instituto Médico La Florestra in Venezuela

  • Transplant Surgery in Holland

  • Course: Advanced Urological Ultrasound. California, USA. May 2013

  • Erectile Disfunction and Masculine Sexuality Course, Argentina, March 2013

  • Lumboscopic Renal Course in 2011

  • Nephrectomy Course in Single Entry Point Surgery in 2011

  • American Urological Association Annual Meeting


  • Physicians and Surgeons College of Costa Rica cod. MED7319Active

    Medic and Surgeon - Costa Rica

  • Costa Rican Association of Medical Urologists (AMUC)
  • American Urological Association (AUA)
  • International Society of Endourology
  • Societe Internationale D'Urologie (SIU)
  • Coordinator: Single Incision Kidney Surgery (LESS) Course, Costa Rica 2013
  • Congress Coordinator: Highlights of American Urological Association, 2013
  • Invited Professor, Robotic Surgery Course at University of Southern California, USA 2013
  • Chief of Urology at Hospital Calderón Guardia
  • Award from the Postgraduate Commission for the Best Resident in the Country in 2008
  • Postgrad Coordinator at Hospital Calderón Guardia
  • Academic Coordinator of the International Symposium of Urology, Costa Rica 2013
  • Academic Program Coordinator for AMUC
  • Former Head of the HCG Urology Service
  • Vice President of ACCU (Association of Urological Surgeons of Costa RIca)
  • Vocal AUCA (Association of Urologists of Central America)
  • 5mm Laparoscopic needle driver in extra peritoneal radical prostatectomy, Paris Francia (World Congress of Endo Urology 2018)
  • Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty using a 5 mm robotic needle driver, Repúbilca Dominicana Congreso CAU 2019
  • Vapo encleación con Green Light Laser para próstatas mayores a 80 gramos (2do Premio congreso AUCA 2019 Roatán Honduras)
  • Green Light Láser XPS tratamiento de HPB para pacientes tratados en un solo centro por un solo cirujano del 2015 al 2017: Descripción de técnica quirúrgica y experiencia inical.
  • Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy: First Two Cases Performed by Costa Rican Urologists
  • Expositor en Congreso CAU 2018
  • Expositor en Congreso CAU 2019
  • Co- Chair para sesión de cáncer renal en AUA 2019
  • Expositor congreso AUCA 2019 (Ratan Honduras)
  • Expositor World Congress of Endo urology (París 2019)